Monday, May 9, 2016

Holy crap! We.... WON!!!

A couple weeks ago, Big Mama and I had our Training Level debut at a local schooling show. Since our canter has been a source of contention for, well, forever really, I didn't have very high expectations. Once again, I was really just hoping not to gallop off in the wrong direction, dragging the dressage arena chains with us and crashing into the judges tent.

Keep the expectations realistic.

Low and behold, however, we won the HIGH SCORE FOR THE LEVEL!! Against other horses even!

Oh yes, I am the fanciest, most beautiful dressage pony of all!

Big Mama is really proving that she LOVES the spotlight. Her queenness definitely shines through as soon as she sees all eyes on her. And she is definitely a head-turner anyway, with her shiny black coat and long mane and tail.

So, YES! We have arrived to DQ-dom! ;) Who knows, maybe First Level isn't such a pipe dream after all?

OMG! My horse is actually on the bit! And I am sitting up!! There's hope for us yet.